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The Dwelling Place House Only Blanks Bac




520 N. Spring Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27101

A recent study found that Winston-Salem is 16,244 affordable housing units short of meeting the current demand and anticipate the need will grow as the effects of the pandemic continue to unfold. Therefore, recognizing the critical need to find creative solutions to address the housing shortage in Forsyth County, The Dwelling Place partners with private owners to regenerate affordable housing through a vast volunteer network. In this model, private property owners financially support the material expense of the renovations, while The Dwelling Place gathers the person-power for rehabilitation. In return for the community and property investment, these new online units are guaranteed at fair market value and held for low-income neighbors or neighbors experiencing homelessness with either Permanent Supportive Housing or Rapid Rehousing vouchers who are awaiting unit availability.

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